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Dr. Chan and his staff make going to the dentist fun! Using advanced technologies, the dental team can do a very thorough, pain-free exam and cleaning during your appointment. I walked out with a big, healthy smile!

Elisa C.

Extremely good care and a very friendly staff. Dr. Chan patiently explains whatever I need to know. The hygienists take great care to do a thorough job. Highly recommend.

John L.

Very professional and accommodating staff. Dr. Chan and Dr. Lee totally have their clientele needs' a number one priority. Planning to stay with them as long as I have teeth.

Chip C.

Dr. Chan is no doubt the best dentist that I have come in contact with. Because of his amazing work on my teeth, I'm so comfortable smiling showing my teeth now. 10 out of 10 I recommend you to go to his office for your dental needs, his amazing staff is super nice, his office is really comfy, also his work is amazing (: here's a before & after picture of my teeth. Before my two front teeth were uneven, a one was really discolored, but now they're both even size and the color is what can I say, pearly whites (:

Julie T.

Dr. Chan is amazing!! He is very good at his work and cares for his patients. He fixed my 4 front teeth and I'm in love with them! I literally can't stop smiling now which is crazy because I never smiled with my teeth before! His assistant Thu was extremely nice and helpful as well!

Jasmine P.